Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oldie but Goodie - Falling Back Lesson

This is a lesson that has been used by many art teachers.  Its a great lesson where it teaches the children a little bit about perspective and also allows them to be really imaginitive and create fun and crazy self-portraits. 

I demonstrated to the kids how things that are close up appear large and things that are far away from us, appear small.  Using that rule, we went to work on our drawings and created these fun "falling back" people.  They could be self portraits or just a random person.  I had some kids make theirs look funky, athletic, sassy and one little girl even made hers pink. 

They had alot of fun doing this, they got to spread out and draw on the floor and escape for this one hour of class, thats what its all about.

Now, the results:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pop Art

Last weeks lesson we focused on a particular type of art called Pop Art.  The students learned a brief introduction to the world of pop art and were asked to choose between a gumball machine or lemon.  Some students, chose neither, and decided on other fruits and even flowers.  As long as they followed the pop art criteria, I gave them the creative freedom to choose.

We used black sharpie to trace our design then painted it in with acrylic paints.  Here are some of the results:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clipper Ship Watercolor Lesson

This weeks lesson was fun!  It involved a little bit of trivia, a drawing lesson, and watercolors.  First the students were introduced to these old, clipper ships.  I told the students a little history about the ships and then gave them trivia homework.  Their questions was:  Why do they call them clipper ships and what made them go in extinction?  Those who come in with the correct answer gets to pick a prize out of the prize bucket.

So the next step was the drawing lesson.  The students learned about the parts of the ship such as masts and sails.  They sketched out their design and added their own extra details. 

After it was sketched, they traced their lines with black sharpies and went ahead with the watercolors.  Here are some results: