Friday, February 17, 2012

We Are Expanding

Time For Art Kids is expanding!  Thats right....starting Monday we will be pouring the foundation for our new section.  I am hoping this will give the kids more leg room and not be so tight.  I still plan on keeping the class size the same, that way I can still have personal relationships with all of your wonderful children!  This space is much needed, especially when we have been booked for birthday parties and camps.  Stay tuned and it should be completed within 3-4 weeks!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wrapping up the session with Oil Pastel Dogs

This has been a great session!  Wow, the times goes by fast.  Session 1 is completely full, but please dont hesitate to call and be put on a waiting list for any spots that may open up or to be placed on the schedule for Session 2.

I really wanted to use chalk pastels for this lesson, however I was nervous because I didnt want the kids to smudge the chalk everywhere and be upset that their work didnt look anything like a dog!  So, I stuck with oil pastels, which still has a tendency to smudge, but its a little bit more controllable than chalk.

We started off with a drawing lesson.  We practiced this twice so they could get the features down.  We started drawing it on white cardstock.  Then they started coloring it in with oil pastels.  I just ASSUMED they were going to use the natural colors of dogs, brown, black, white, etc, but everyone knows what happens when you assume!  So, I have some dogs that are quite unique and really cute to look at.

Here are some of the results.  I tried so hard to photograph every childs work, but with 90 students, I just couldnt!  :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Comic Books inspired by Pick and Draw

We just finished wrapping up the week with our awesome Comic Books we made.  The lesson was inspired by a simple card game called Pick and Draw.  There is a link on my website that will lead you to more information about Pick and Draw and also an opportunity for you to purchase a deck. 

The game is simple.  There are cards with pictures of faces, mouths, eyes, hair, and noses.  Each student or pairs of students get a card from each category and they are to draw what is on the card.  There are so many varieties to make a character and so each student is so excited to see what the next card holds.

It was interesting to see that my most quietest students came to life, and I have NEVER heard them talk as much in class like they did for the comic book lesson.

The class flew by and by the end we had a comic book full of life and color.  I took a million pictures but it would take me all day and night to load all of them.  So, I compiled the majority of them and created this for you to see. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ladies Night Giveaway This Saturday

Most of you are new to Time For Art Kids, but in addition to art classes for kids, we also offer a fabulous ladies night.  I incorporate my ladies night with food, prizes, and just a fun time for a bunch of ladies to get together and do some art.  I will be teaching you a fool proof way to make a wonderful mixed media project for you to treasure or gift away.  Either way, you will have fun and its your chance to unwind and think about yourself!

I will be giving away these 2 amazing pieces of jewelry.  They are made by a dear friend who owns, you must check out her work.  Everything is very organic looking and a great accent piece to any wardrobe. 

There are limited seats left, so please rsvp if you are interested.  I hope you can join me in the studio!