Monday, February 6, 2012

Comic Books inspired by Pick and Draw

We just finished wrapping up the week with our awesome Comic Books we made.  The lesson was inspired by a simple card game called Pick and Draw.  There is a link on my website that will lead you to more information about Pick and Draw and also an opportunity for you to purchase a deck. 

The game is simple.  There are cards with pictures of faces, mouths, eyes, hair, and noses.  Each student or pairs of students get a card from each category and they are to draw what is on the card.  There are so many varieties to make a character and so each student is so excited to see what the next card holds.

It was interesting to see that my most quietest students came to life, and I have NEVER heard them talk as much in class like they did for the comic book lesson.

The class flew by and by the end we had a comic book full of life and color.  I took a million pictures but it would take me all day and night to load all of them.  So, I compiled the majority of them and created this for you to see. 

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