Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We are officially in the New Studio

Its been a rough month, trying to get everything in the studio and just right so the students will have a fun and creative environment to work in.  Its a bit different from teaching art classes out of your home and then moving into a commercial space.  Sometimes I rethink my decision, okay, I rethink it quite often, but it all goes away when I open the door and see the kids and have their arms wrap around me.  Its a great feeling.

Lots of changes with the studio and the business.  Thank goodness for a great friend and her hubby too, who is helping me with my marketing and social media.  It can be a bit overwhelming, but if I give parts of it away to other people who can do a better job if it, it makes my day a little easier.

I have a more functional website, which is pretty cool.  I am able to take online payments, have people schedule their classes on the new site, and sign up for events.  I also have a special page for my artwork to sell and people can purchase it at that moment.

I have hired additional teachers who are so wonderful to teach some classes.  There are alot of ideas in the works, but its getting there!