Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art is Now in Session

Its been a great 4 weeks.  I got to enjoy a small vacation back home and relax and be home with my family.  Its been fun.  But I have to admit, I always had the art class in the back of my mind, and my wheels were always turning thinking about the next lessons for class.

Class is now in session and it is so fun. I have so many new students and its really nice to have such an impact on the kids.  I had a mom call me today and told me that she didnt know what I did in class, but her son had an amazing time and cant stop talking about the art class!  THAT made my day!

Living Social is organizing a grant program where if you win you could win a $250,000 grant.  I want to WIN!  I would love to be able to expand Time For Art Kids and open up another location where I will be able to spread the word of art to even more kids. 

Please, please, it only takes a minute.  Click this link and follow the steps and vote for me.  I need 250 votes to even be considered.  Ask your friends, neighbors, family to vote. 

On the bottom right, you can sign on using facebook.  Once you are logged in, you pick Cary, NC, and scroll down or you can just type in the business name, Time For Art Kids.  Here is the link below.

Thanks for your support!

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