Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have been working on some new paintings and wanted to post what I have so far in my inventory.  Most of them are for sale and all priced fairly.  If you are interested in something, shoot me an email.  Enjoy!

Large 18x24 size canvas.  Acrylic painting using frisket masking.  Beautiful swirls of color.  Gorgeous glossy overlay on entire front.  PRICE: $85.00

This is just a close up of all the details.  Isnt it beautiful!  So proud of this one!

This is a 4x12 inch vertical canvas.  Acrylic painting using a gloss medium to give it a nice shine. 
Price:  $45.00

These 2 are very large, looks beautiful on a wall.  Both are priced at $90.00 each.

I believe this one is 24x24, it is currently being hung at another facility but it is for sale.  Love the fun colors, would look great in a little girls room.   PRICE: $65.00

Heres another fun one. 24x24 acrylic painting.  Lots of fun colors to match any decor.  PRICE:  $65.00

This vertical painting is done on a 4x12" canvas.  It is a mixed media project.  Paper, paint, and a layer of beeswax to give a very organic look.  PRICE:  $45.00

My pretty birds are beautiful swirls of orange and purple.  Picture shows it a little deeper in color, but the colors are a bit softer.  One of my favorites.  18x24 size canvas.  PRICE:  $85.00

Vertical canvas 4x12.  Mixed media with paper.  Pinks and oranges.  Final coating of beeswax.  PRICE:  55.00

NOT FOR SALE.  My all time favorite.  Represents me and my children.  I can custom make any of the designs above. 

This one is a recent painting I have done for my daughters teacher as a end of year gift.  She was so excited to receive it.  Very unique.  Can be made with other colors.  The new school year is right around the corner!  Think ahead.  PRICE:  $45.00

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