Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chalk Pastels and Colored Pencil Ornament Drawings

This week is not over yet, still have to teach a few more classes for this lesson, but wanted to post what I had.  I think the results are phenomenal and I am so impressed, especially with my little ones in the class. 

Chalk pastels can be very tricky and hard to work with.  LIttle hands seem to smudge it all over their hands which then smudge it all over their work and it becomes a big dusty mess. 

I already pre-traced their circles for them only because I really wanted them to concentrate on coloring in their ormanents and adding the detail.  I showed them a demonstration and a step by step as to how to properly color them in. 

Alot of it has to do with layering, chalk pastels, colored pencils, go back in with chalk pastels, and then the final step, adding a dark colored pencil to the outside and inside of the ball. 

I also showed them how to add a light source, as if the lights of the tree are shining on the balls.  I showed them how to blend and shade their colors and how to make them pop. 

It was a fantastic lesson for the students.  These would be great if you took a picture of their work and then printed it out, it would make awesome Christmas cards!  Enjoy the pics.

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