Thursday, December 15, 2011

Symmetry in Snow

So, this is the last week before we take our Christmas Break.  I wanted the lesson to be relaxing, fun, and winter related, however I still wanted to teach them a specific lesson.

I chose this Snowman lesson that incorporates bright colors, glitter, and vibrance.  If you look deeper than that, there is actually something to be learned in it, don't know if the kids caught on!

I incorporated the use of a ruler, which, believe it or not, most kids, even my oldest students who are 11, had problems following along.  I showed them how to place it right in front of them and to move the paper, not the ruler.  I explained how to line the paper up to the edge of the ruler, and to put a point on each side of the paper where the number 4 is.  This created a square grid for us to work on.

The next step of the lesson was to teach them about symmetry.  I had them draw their snowman where the dots they made were. Half of the snowman was on one side of the dot, and the other half was on the other side of the dot. 

Next, they traced it in with a black sharpie, added their colors for the nose, scarf, and hat.  they then were asked to color in each of the 4 quadrants with a different color.  The paper we used was a marker paper which really helped make the markers appear smooth. 

The final step was adding the snow and we mounted it on black cardstock. 

Like usual, we got some really great results!

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