Sunday, May 22, 2011

Art Hearts

A few of my classes have alot of advanced students, and students who have been in my class since I started Time For Art Kids back in 2009.  I am always dabbling with crafts and art and one day I was messing around with some wooden hearts I had leftover from a previous craft project.  I started painting them, adding glitter, putting stickers on, creating words on them, and then added a layer of diamond glaze "substitute".  For those who dont know what diamond glaze is, it is a thick, glossy, transparent varnish that dries and you can apply it to make jewelry or just about anything that you want a glossy covering to. 

So, after the completion of these hearts, I thought, hmmm, what do I do with them now?  I came up with the word, Art Hearts, and they are a hit with the students.  I raffle one off after every class and the children are so excited to see if their name gets picked.  The kids now look forward to winning an art heart and hey, maybe I just created my own trend! 

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