Monday, May 16, 2011

The lesson! Weaving with watecolors

I try to plan a lesson that will take about 60 minutes.  You can never time such a thing, each child works at their own pace.   I have some students who are finished in 5 minutes and you look for ways for them to slow down and add more details, and other children take longer than 60 minutes and their work is so precise.  These photos were of the last 2 girls that were in the class.  It actually took them 1.5 hours to work on this.  It shows.  We had amazing results with what they painted.  Take a look for yourself.

We took 2 pieces of paper measuring 6x9 each.  One of the pieces of paper was already pre-sliced.  The other piece was intact.  We did a warm/cool color scheme.  On one of the papers they were to use either red, orange, or yellow and on the other sheet they used green, blue, and purple.   On the already sliced paper, the students were told to paint circles with the colors and on the other sheet they could paint whatever they choose. After it all dried, I helped the children weave the paper in and out and then mount it to a sheet of black cardstock. 

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