Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zebra Eye Using Watercolor Pencils

We just started this lesson for this week, lots of classes to still teach this to, but I had to post some of the pictures that I have already taken.  I was not sure how this lesson was going to go, it its a little tricky.  However, I was amazed at their lines and coloring.

This lesson has alot of elements for the students to learn.  My objective was to:
  • Introduce them to watercolor pencils
  • Teach them about positive and negative space
  • and replicate natural lines that you see in nature and animals
We started the lesson by creating our lines with a pencil.  I walked them through each line and explained the shape of them and how they should be natural flowing, not bumpy and wavy.  After all our lines were made, then went over all their pencil lines with a black sharpie. 

The next step was tricky, this is where positive and negative space was introduced!  Some kids colored in the wrong space, but we made it work.  We used watercolor pencils, similar to colored pencils, except when you add water to it with a paintbrush, the pencil turns into a paint and becomes magical (this is what I tell the kids!)

Here are some of the results:

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