Friday, June 1, 2012

About Travis Mills

I was in the car the other day trying to finish up my salad I had gotten through the drive thru of Wendys.  I had Fox news on the radio and I turned the volume up to hear a story they were talking about.

The story was about a young soldier named Travis Mills.  He is a husband, son, and father.  Six weeks ago after being on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, his life changed.  He stepped on an IED and lost all 4 of his limbs. 

The story moved me like no other.  I was brought to tears instantly and had to throw the rest of my lunch out.  But as I started hearing Travis talk, I knew there was a glimpse of hope in his story.  His spirt, perseverance, and positive attitude was like no other.  For someone who has suffered and lost so much, he was not going to let this defeat him.  He is a truly remarkable soul.

My father was in Vietnam.  My father lost his leg.  I remember as a child always thinking he was strong and proud.  He never let anyone know he was in pain or feeling under the weather.  He was a Marine.  I guess that is why I feel so compelled to help Travis.

I don't know him.  I don't know his family.  What I do know is that this man will never be able to do the every day things that we would be able to do- put a watch on, write his name, play soccer with his kids in the yard, hold his wifes hand with his own. 

This world is full of selfish people and it makes me sad.  I pray to god every day that my family stays healthy and we are free from pain, but no one knows what lies ahead for tomorrow.  I only hope that if something does happen, there are kind people out there who would help us. 

I have started a donation to help Travis.  I am selling my artwork in the studio at a sale price.  All proceeds will go to his family.  I am teaching several classes for kids and adults, and all proceeds will go towards his family. 

I hope that people will find it in their hearts to help out as well.  You can mail me a check or money order or stop by the studio.  All the money we raise will go to Travis in one lump sum.   I hope you can help me help Travis and his family.

This picture was taken yesterday at the hospital he is at.  We take for granted being able to get out of our bed.  Now, this is the only way he can feel like he is standing up. 

He is going to make it, he is strong.  He risked his life to make our lives and our world safe.  He is a true American Hero.

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