Monday, June 25, 2012

Oil Pastel Dragonfly

Last weeks lesson was great. I love seeing all the different results.  Of course, there is always someone who boycotts the dragonfly, so I gave them the creative freedom to pick whatever insect they wanted. 

We started off by making some hard lines with our pencil to divide our paper into sections.  After each section was made, the students had to pick between 3-5 oil pastels and start creating patterns in each block. 

The boys of course tried to take shortcuts and color in the sections with a solid color, but once I found out their tricks, I kept it so they were only allowed to color up to 2 in solid colors!

I told them to think about geometric shapes to create their patterns and to also create patterns using colors. 

Once they colored the background they started on their dragonfly.  They used the same color on the dragonfly as they did with the background so it looked camouflage on the paper.  We added some cute pipe cleaner antennaes and added some 3d glue stickers to have it look like it landed on the paper!  Here are some results.

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