Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wood Block Owls

Alot of my lessons for the students are done on paper, usually 1 or 2 dimensional.  Cost wise, its difficult to provide canvases for all of them, so here is another affordable way to be able to give them something to hang on a wall or put on a bookshelf without the fear of getting ripped.

I cut (ok, well my husband did) several pieces of 2x6 into square blocks.  Make sure you sand the edges before having anyone use them. 

I put some samples on the board of owls and different ways they can make their own.  We explored a variety of options such as placement of eyes, feathers, shape of beak, expressions, etc. 

The students traced out their design on the wood block and when they were ready they painted it in with acrylic paints.  This lesson has turned into a 2 week lesson because some of the details that the students have done are amazing. 

Here are 2 of my samples, when the kids finish them next week, I will be sure to post their works of art.

 I went a little deeper in the detail with my owls.  I used fancy glitters, pouring mediums, and bead embellishments.  They are so fun to make and addicting!  Enjoy!

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