Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Abstract Art using Watercolor Pencils

I must admit, watercolor pencils are the least of my favorites when it comes to working with different mediums.  However, as much as I dislike it, I do feel it is necessary to introduce the students to as many mediums as possible.  I felt like most of the class I was at the pencil sharpener sharpening these watercolor pencils!  The tips wear out so fast and within minutes you can be down to just a stub for a pencil.  I do love the soft effect it does leave on the paper and it has such a "magical" way about it.

I spoke to the students about closed and open shapes.  We discussed shapes such as spheres, stars, triangles, and basic shapes.  Each shape must be completely closed so we can fill it in with color. Sometimes I feel that an hour is just not enough!  I want to be able to talk more about what they are learning, but they just want to dig in and get started, so its a tough balance sometimes.

We first made 2 lines, one at the top of the paper and one at the bottom.  They were suppose to have a flow to it and not just be straight across the paper.  Next, the students drew the shapes on and off those anchor lines we first drew. 

Once the paper was filled with shapes and lots of individual spaces, they then colored each space in with a watercolor pencil.  After it was completely filled in, the "magic" happened.  They used their paintbrush and dipped it into water and colored each section in.  When the water mixed with the pencils, it created a beautiful semi-transparent space.   Each piece was vibrant and full of character. 

More classes to teach this lesson to, but here is a small gallery of what the class did today!

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