Monday, January 23, 2012

Jim Dine "Hearts" Lesson

This week I decided to focus on a famous artist whose name is Jim Dine.  I think its important for children to look at other peoples art and see how art through their eyes.  Jim Dine is a pop artist who takes everyday items and turns them into art, like hearts.  Besides hearts, Jim Dine likes painting bathrobes.  I didnt feel like bathrobes were going to be popular with the kids, so I went with the hearts.

I took one of Jim Dine's Heart paintings and had the kids paint hearts similar to his.  The fun part was that we used our finger, no brushes.  You can tell when its a lesson the kids love, the room is silent!  I showed them how to use white to marbleize the heart and to make sure not to rub too many colors together because it creates mud. 

They all were amazing and every class we went over the hour time limit just because I went a step more and mounted them to the colored paper.  I didnt have time to take as many pictures as I'd like, but here are a few.

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