Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Neon Tigers

We had some really excited students last week.  I try so hard to find products I havent used yet and also try to find materials and art supplies that the kids will love.  This time I think I did good!  Although the neon paint was very expensive (still dont understand why), it was worth it. 

I taught the kids how to free-hand a tiger.  Almost all of them never drew a tiger before, so I am very impressed at their first attempt. 

I told them a story of how I was younger and remember sketching my first animal- a cat.  My friend had gotten a "How to Draw Cats" book for her birthday and I remember sleeping over her house and being a crazy woman and drawing cat after cat!  The more I practiced the more I got better and my sketches looked better than the ones in the book.  I try to explain that it takes practice and patience when drawing and if they continue practicing, they will master it!

Here are the results of our Tiger.  Neon paints really made the difference.  We used black oil pastel for the outline and used a "stippling" effect to apply our paints to the tigers face. 

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